The London Times Magazine Profiles Trans Advocate Janet Mock

The London Times Magazine recently ran a profile of editor and trans advocate Janet Mock and her boyfriend, photographer Aaron Tredwell. The four-page feature, written by Hermione Hoby and photographed by Martha Camarillo, touts Janet’s journey to womanhood and the couple’s love story.

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By Hermione Hoby

After graduating she moved to New York, gained a masters degree in journalism from NYU and secured a job with People magazine. And then, two and a half years ago, she met a softly spoken man in a bar in Manhattan. Aaron Tredwell, who works as a dog-walker, wears his good looks almost apologetically.

“I was dancing to some song on the dancefloor," smiles Janet. “I was twirling."

“You were definitely twirling," he confirms.

When he approached her she was, she says, instantly “blown away". He asked her to go for a walk with him. “We were just strolling arm in arm. And then we came here, right here.

“We ended up sitting right there," says Janet, pointing to a table just behind us. Janet says she wanted to tell Aaron about her past almost straight away, “but I was struggling with, ‘Is he still going to love me? Is he still going to want to be with me?’" One night in his apartment, she mustered the courage.

“I remember taking a deep breath, and I said, ‘I was born a boy.’ And he was just nodding and listening. He was very calm."

She turns to him. “What were you thinking when I told you?"

“I knew Janet," he begins slowly. “And I knew there was something going on. So when she told me, I was pretty open to whatever was coming. I just said, ‘It’s OK, whatever you want to tell me.’ When she told me, I understood the gravity of it straight away. And then it took a while to process what I’d just been told."

“Telling him was the hardest part," says Janet, “so when it came to everything else he wanted to ask me, I committed to being open."

“Besides the movie Boys Don’t Cry and some bad humour, I had no experience of this," Aaron admits. And then, he says, “I saw it everywhere. My whole outlook changed. There are all these grey areas and this sliding scale. And the biggest question for myself was what parts of me are feminine. That’s been a real self-discovery."

They hope to start a family some day. As Aaron says: “I wasn’t interested in marrying or raising children until I met Janet. It would be a great waste if she wasn’t a mother."

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