'LOL Cody': Peloton Series Feels Like "Talk Show On Wheels"; Host Cody Rigsby Teases Top Secret "Boy Band-Centric" Guest

Peloton has taken the talk show concept to another level.

With the success of XOXO, Cody, the popular workout platform launched LOL Cody hosted by Peloton’s King of Pop Culture Cody Rigsby. The first-of-its-kind series has already welcomed special guests RuPaul’s Drag Race all-stars queen Trixie Mattel as well as singer/songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen.

The new series includes a workout but also, Rigsby breaks down pop culture’s buzziest moments with special guests. And like the title suggests, you will probably LOL.

“I really love the guests that we've had in the conversations we had and honestly, it's not that deep -- we're having fun, we're playing fun games and it's just been incredible,” Rigsby told GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos. “It was like the dream situation on episode one [with Trixie Mattel] and Carly was fantastic as well.”

When the show was announced, Rigsby said that people probably had a different kind of show in mind and they went against that. When he was coming up with the idea, he thought that workouts at the gym can be really passive and this makes viewers engaged. There aren’t many huge intervals or pushes but there is a focus on the entertainment which, will have people coming back to the bike like appointment TV – but with a good workout.

Rigsby said this is a brand new thing and that he didn't know if all the work that was put into the show was going to pan out -- but it has and audeinces are responding. "It's been really good so far and I've been so proud of each and every episode," he said. "In the morning before the taping, I'm like anxious and I'm like 'What if it doesn't hit, what's going to happen?' and then once you get there and the lights are there and the crowd is there and you've got these amazing guests, it just all comes together. It's just so so much fun. It's been great to have this platform that allows me the freedom to kind of be myself, live authentically, share my stories and also kind of like sharpen these newer skills that I want to lean into more and more."

There have already been the two aforementioned episodes of LOL Cody with Trixie Mattel and Carly Rae Jepsen. With two episodes left, Rigsby teases that the November 17 includes a very exciting guest that he is keeping a secret.

“I think episode three can be defined as very boy band centric,” Rigsby reveals. “So we're gonna have some gags and some surprises, maybe some choreography or dance.”



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Rigsby is also thrilled to be supporting his friend Shangela as she heads to the finals of Dancing with the Stars. "Shangela is the moment... she's got some stiff competition but I'm rooting for her," Rigsby said. "Shangela's dressing up like a woman but this is the first male and male partnership at Dancing with the Stars so I feel like we need to just even celebrate that."  Ahead of this week's semi-finals, Rigsby sent a special surprise message to Shangela at rehearsal. Fans can catch Shangela in the finals of Dancing with the Stars on Monday, November 21st on Disney+.

The final two episodes of LOL Cody will stream on November 17 and December 1 at 7:30 pm EST.