Local Memphis station gets transgender coverage right

41-year old Alejandra Leos a Latina transgender woman, was murdered a mere few feet from her home in Memphis Tennessee last Friday. Local Memphis affiliate WREG respectfully reported on this crime and the identity of the victim. Her killer was arrested shortly yesterday, also reported by WREG.

Often times, transgender women who are the victims of violence are misgendered or blamed for their own death in posthumous reporting, compounding the trauma for families and community.  GLAAD's Doubly Victimzied report, discusses best practices inreporting on transgender victims of violent crimes. 

Although, family members were on consistent in pronoun usage for Alejandra, WREG stayed committed to using the correct pronoun and focused on the crime and not the gender identity of the vicitm. If you see sensationalized coverage or misrepesentation of transgender people in the media, report it to GLAAD.