Local media's problematic reporting on anti-LGBT attack in NYC

According to local news reports and the New York City Anti-Violence Project, an LGBT-identified person was chased and shot at while walking with a friend in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn on Saturday. The three alleged attackers have been arrested, and were reportedly yelling anti-LGBT slurs at the victim. Two men were charged with menacing and a third-degree hate crime, while the third was charged assault in the first degree. The 22-year-old victim was shot but was treated at Brookdale University Hospital and has since been released.

Reports in the New York Daily News, NBC New York, and other outlets about this attack identify the victim using the problematic "man dressed as a woman" stereotype. Too often, transgender people are misgendered with similar statements, particularly in stories where they are victims of violence. Reporters should clarify where information about the victim's identity is coming from, and note that information provided by police might be based on legal identification documents that do not correspond with how a person identifies. GLAAD has reached out to the New York Daily News, and will be contacting other outlets with problematic coverage.

If you see defamatory coverage related to this story, please report it to GLAAD