LIVEBLOG: GLAAD is on the ground in Washington DC

GLAAD is on the ground in Washington DC all day today, as marriage equality supporters (and opponents) are rallying, and as the United States Supreme Court is beginning to hear arguments in cases that will decide the future of Prop. 8 and DOMA. Find out more at

Listen to Tuesday's oral arguments before the Supreme Court below.


We will be updating this liveblog throughout the morning with highlights from the rallies.
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12:07 PM Cleve Jones: "When you were here, people were marching across the country...Whatever the justices decide, we have already won in the hearts and minds of the American people."

11:54 AM Rabbi Eleanor Steinman: "On this day of Passover, we remember the call to let my people go. Go to the wedding chapel."

11:48 AM Marvin Randolph, NAACP: "It's to put an end to our discriminatory laws that say gay and lesbian marriages are separate and not equal."

11:28 AM Rev. Welton Gaddy, Interfaith Alliance: "The gender of the persons at the altar does not destroy the spiritual significance of their marital commitments to each other."

11:21 AM Mary Jo Kennedy, married in New York: "We were inspired by the media images of happy couples, but we never thought we would fight for marriage."

11:19 AM Nick Gumas, sophomore at George Washington University: "We understand that marriage equality is about fairness, love and commitment."

11:18 AM: Crowd chants, "Now is the time."

11:14 AM Penny Gnesin, married to Sue Fulton at West Point: "What I want is no more or no less than my parents had. Freedom to marry the one I love."

11:04 AM Janet Murguía, National Council of La Raza: "We are here because, like a majority of Americans, more than half of Latinos in this country are in favor of marriage equality for all Americans."

10:55 AM Bishop Yvette Flunder: "Remember our faces. I am Yvette. This is Shirley. We are black. We are women. We are faith leaders. We are justice workers. And we have been together for 34 years"

10:53 AM Bishop Yvette Flunder: "I stand to encourage the court to follow the arc of justice." Crowd chants, "Put this issue to rest."

10:48 AM Chris Edwards, Former Assistant to President Bush: "I believe the freedom to marry is a conservative principle."

10:47 AM Priscilla Ouchida, Japanese American Citizens League: "In 1964 the Japanese American citizens league was the first to support the right to marry who we love"

10:40 AM Dean Gary Hall of the National Cathedral: "I believe in God's blessings on all loving and committed relationships."

10:39 AM: Crowd chants, "Love will win the game."

10:36 AM NFL player Brendon Ayanbadejo: "Love is always going to win the game...We are not here because it's the popular thing to do, we are here because it's the right thing to do." 

10:34 AM NFL player Brendon Ayanbadejo: "I'm not here as a Baltimore Raven, but as a patriot of the United states" 

10:28 AM Ella Robinson, daughter of Bishop Robinson: "Our family deserves the same respect that all families count on every day."

10:24 AM Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson: "I'm here because what happens in the supreme court these next two days matters deeply to me, to you, and to all of us. For too long we've let the religious right hold the bible hostage. This is going to end with our full acceptance and inclusion on the life if this nation. All we are arguing about now is timing"


Former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum: "Republicans and Democrats in this country have enough to worry about"

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Deputy Executive Director Darlene Nipper: "We have reached that tipping point."

Fox News contributor Margaret Hoover: "Marriage is the most stabilizing force on our society. We all believe in the golden rule. The laws is the U.S. protect this principle."

Pastor Brad Braxton: "Marriage equality is a celebration of life. We should celebrate the right of two adults to form a family. By affirming marriage equality, we are saying that the small word 'all' is big enough to include all of us."

DC Delagate to the U.S. House Eleanor Holmes Norton: "I represent the district of Columbia who, along with 9 states, didn't wait for the Supreme Court (to enact marriage equality). The court must recognize all couples. There are no second class citizens in America.""

CNN columnist and GLAAD Media Award winner LZ Granderson: "We are not here to beg. I am here as a gay proud black man from the east side of Detroit... I am here because 14 times the Supreme Court has decided marriage is a fundamental right. And my family demands our full fundamental rights."

Military wife Casey McLaughlin: "Even though Don't Ask, Don't Tell has been repealed, we are still not equal. Because of DOMA we are separate."

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