LISTEN: Recording artist Kacey Musgraves debuts one of country music's first-ever LGBT-affirming singles

Rising country starlet and Spirit Day Ambassador Kacey Musgraves today debuted her new single, "Follow Your Arrow," one of the genre's first LGBT-affirming songs.

The new single from the six-time CMA-nominated artist encourages listeners to be who they are and "say what you think/love who you love/'cause you just get so many trips around the sun." "Follow Your Arrow" also features witty and lovable lines like, "Make lots of noise/kiss lots boys/or kiss lots of girls/if that's something you're into," and "just follow your arrow, wherever it points."

"It's a positive anthem for us," says Kacey about the song, which is the third single off of Same Trailer Different Park, her debut album with a major label. The tune has received rave reviews from outlets like USA Today, the New York Times, and Billboard for being just as catchy as it is supportive and significant.

Kacey, who is nominated for six Country Music Association (CMA) Awards and was recently named as an Artist to Watch by Rolling Stone, will be performing at Katy Perry's We Can Survive Hollywood Bowl Charity Show this week, alongside other LGBT-friendly artists, including Katy Perry, Sara Bareilles, and Tegan & Sara.

Last week, Kacey was among the millions who showed their support for LGBT youth by 'going purple' for Spirit Day in a united stand against bullying:

You can pick up your copy of "Follow Your Arrow" or Kacey's album Same Trailer Different Park on iTunes.