In the Life Airs Final Episode "Beyond the Rhetoric" and Farewell Special

In the Life, the longest running television series highlighting LGBT issues and culture, this month airs their final episode “Beyond the Rhetoric,” in which they examine the evolution of anti-gay messaging as cultural acceptance of LGBT people grows across the country. The episode then travels to Minnesota to investigate bullying of LGBT students and examine the state’s now-defeated marriage amendment that would have limited recognition of marriage to be solely between one man and one woman.

While In the Life will no longer be airing episodes, the larger organization, In the Life Media, will be heading in a new direction. The group plans to work with other organizations to create a web-based archive of significant historical videos and other media documenting the LGBT movement. They’ve put together a farewell special covering the highlights of their 20 years of programming.

In the Life recently received a GLAAD Media Award in Outstanding Digital Journalism – Multimedia for their web short “Injustice At Every Turn.” GLAAD applauds In the Life and In the Life Media for their ongoing work in addressing LGBT issues and the legacy of great LGBT programming they have acheived. Watch the full episode of "Beyond the Rhetoric" here and the “Farewell In the Life” special below.

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