LGBTQ+ Youth and Peers Show Their Support Against Bullying for #SpiritDay

Students and faculty in schools all across the nation are going purple for Spirit Day 2019, the world’s largest and most visible LGBTQ+ anti-bullying media campaign.

School faculty, high school GSAs, and universities alike all showed their solidarity in standing against LGBTQ+ bullying. Checkout what some schools have been posting about Spirit Day 2019 for a #SpiritDay 2019 highlight:



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Warriors wearing Purple to support our LGBTQ+ community #GLAAD #spiritday #yvhs

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Clubs and schools weren’t the only ones talking about Spirit Day. Many are using #SpiritDay to share their own struggles and share words of affirmation:


Be brave, be kind, be You #SpiritDay

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To all the younger kids who come across my profile: It took me a few years to get to this point. I remember being 16/17, hiding in my room where the internet was the only place I found community. It soon became the only place where I found representation. - - - As I grew older I began to see, meet and even become someone I admired. - - - I live as openly as I possibly can because in 2017 (which is actually the year I graduated high school) surveys showed that LGBTQ+ students ages 13-21 in Florida: •experienced verbal harassment (82%) •heard gay used in a negative or derogatory way (96%) •heard homophobic remarks and slurs regularly at school (92%) •regularly heard other students in their school make negative remarks about how someone expressed their gender (87%) •regularly heard school staff make negative remarks about someone's gender expression (27%) •regularly heard school staff make homophobic remarks (22%) •were sexually harassed (70%) - - - Now while I constantly preach "keep holding out" I don't want to say that anymore. I don't want to live in a world where children and teens have to routinely suffer because they're LGBTQ+ or any type of different until they get to high school or even college before people realize they're being ignorant and/or hateful. - - - I don't want to have to say "we need to protect LGBTQ+ kids" and have someone who has the audacity to say "we want to protect all kids". If you're not protecting kids who are LGBTQ+, black/brown, who are just "different" because of something they can't change then you automatically fail to protect all the children you claim to care for. - - - On this Spirit Day, I not only express how happy I am that I survived the trials I've faced over the years but that I will continue to use my own narrative to explain why the kids coming up after me need the protections that I didn't have when I was in their shoes. - - - I hope one day I won't have to say "please keep going" or "keep holding on" because I'm tired of seeing LGBTQ+ youth be hurt or mistreated for who they are.

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Additionally, Hollywood’s young stars showed their support for their peers:



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About Spirit Day

Each year, millions go purple for GLAAD’s Spirit Day to support LGBTQ youth in a united stand against bullying. Started in 2010 by high school student Brittany McMillan in response to numerous young LGBTQ lives lost to suicide, Spirit Day now draws the participation of celebrities, schools, faith institutions, national landmarks, corporations, media outlets, sports leagues, and advocates around the world, all joining together to stand against bullying and support LGBTQ youth.

Presenting partners Pantene and Target, official partners Kellogg’s and the NBA and WNBA, and community partners Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Kirkland & Ellis, and Wells Fargo will all participate in the anti-bullying campaign. As anti-LGBTQ policies, hate crimes, and harassment are on the rise, it is now especially important to let all marginalized youth know they are supported.

This year, Spirit Day is on October 17, 2019. Take the Spirit Day pledge to show LGBTQ youth you've got their backs at Follow @GLAAD on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up to date with #SpiritDay news.