LGBTQ-inclusive & Latinx TV shows, films, books & more - Fall 2022

August 25, 2022

¡Hola amigas, amigos y amigues!

As Latine Heritage Month approaches, we've got an exciting new list of Spanish-language and Latin American content covering T.V., film, headlines and more! Here are some the things we're most excited about this month.


Ariana DeBose’s amazing video helps get the word out: get ready to vote!

Ariana DeBose, the first out queer woman of color to win an Oscar, is helping GLAAD share this incredibly important message: let’s all get ready to vote.

LGBTQ and Latine voters have made a big difference in recent elections. We’re ready to do it again.

Check out her message here and share these reminders with friends. 


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Television shows to watch and stream

We are so Es-Cited about the return of Los Espookys! The show's second season premieres on HBO and HBO Max September 16. Also on HBO Max, check out GLAAD-nominated Spanish-language series Maricón Perdido, Todo lo Otro (or Dafne and the Rest) and the gorgeous series Veneno.

Other LGBTQ inclusive shows to watch include Ana on Pantaya and the refreshing new series A League of their Own on Amazon Prime, with an ensemble cast including Roberta Colindrez.


Films to watch and stream

You can also check out and support these LGBTQ inclusive films like Dos Estaciones which opens September 9 at the IFC Center in NYC and September 16 at American Cinematheque in LA, followed by a national rollout.


Peru’s LGBTQ film festival "Crónicas por la Diversidad" recently nominated several films for its Premios Gio to honor LGBTQ films. They are:

Alis (Colombia); Matar la Bestia (Argentina, Brazil, Chile); Medusa (Brazil); El Nacional (Argentina) and La Playa de los Enchaquirados (Ecuador)

Keep an eye out for all of them!


News & Headlines 

A new doc follows California farm workers re-tracing Cesar Chávez and Dolores Huerta’s steps and fighting for fairness.

In 1966, California farm workers, led by Cesar Chávez and Dolores Huerta led workers in a powerful walk from Delano to Sacramento, to tell government leaders that farmworkers matter. It was a critical moment in the movement for farm worker rights. Today, farm workers are still fighting, braving the heat to walk to the capitol again. A crew following them hopes to make a documentary, Road to Sacramento: Justice in the Fields. Read more here.


A tough time for our community — data from the CDC shows MPV has disproportionately impacted  Black and Latino populations 

A CDC statement released May 18 says “anyone can spread monkeypox, regardless of sexual orientation,” while also noting the current tracking suggests “gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men make up a high number of cases.” The virus is spread by skin-to-skin contact with an infected person, contact with contaminated clothes or linen, or contact with respiratory secretions from an infected individual. Scientists are currently investigating how often it is spread via respiratory secretions. The virus is usually abbreviated as MPV, but sometimes as MPX as well. GLAAD has worked with media to ensure stories are accurate and informative and not biased. Check out GLAAD's fact sheet to read more


Bad Bunny on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar

He sports a couture skirt paired with a men's jacket on the cover shoot and in addition to addressing gender norms in fashion, the article also mentions Bad Bunny's tour kicking off in Puerto Rico with "notable up-and-coming Boricua artists, including trans singer and rapper Villano Antillano." Bad Bunny has often spoken out about political issues impacting Puerto Rico, as well as the sexism and transphobia many women on the island experience.


Another day, another tear drop—Gordita Chronicles cancelled

Fans of the HBO Max show Gordita Chronicles are not happy after the show was cancelled. Media picked up on it as well, with headlines like “Even the Near-Perfect Gordita Chronicles Gets Cancelled,” in Latino Rebels.

We understand all too well. The show, created by GLAAD Media Award winner Claudia Forestieri, joins the ranks of beloved shows like Gentefied, One Day at a Time, and Saved by the Bell that Latine fans, including those who are also LGBTQ said finally got our stories right—and in emotionally impactful ways. A lot of fans from disparate communities say way too many good shows get the boot before they’ve had a chance to build an audience. For people from underrepresented communities, it feels particularly bitter.There are bright spots, like the return of Acapulco in October, along with other shows. Forestieri also has gotten a deal with Sony so we'll expect more fantastic stories to come.



Great Reads

Check out the most recent edition of Latinx in Publishing's newsletter, which offers more than few great reads published in August 2022 including:

Living Beyond Borders: Growing Up Mexican In America edited By Margarita Longoria

Invisible: A Graphic Novel by Christina Diaz Gonzalez

¡Ándale, Prieta!: A Memoir by Yasmin Ramirez

Gordo by Jaime Cortez

This Is Why They Hate Us by Aaron Aceves

Truly exciting to see more Latine writers getting published and their work recognized.


More to watch online

GLAAD's Anthony Ramos sat down for an incredible interview with Harvey Guillén, star of the FX series What We Do in the Shadows


NHMC recently hosted an interesting panel conversation titled “Building Community: From Firsts to Many” that included Vico Ortiz, Curly Velasquez, Frankie Rodriguez, and was hosted by Ricky Abilez.


Colombian activist and performer Lina Cuellar takes to the streets to bring her character, the slightly judgey auntie Nohora, to life at an LGBT+ Pride parade in

Bogota.  Check out this lighthearted video, featuring interviews with attendees, from the publisher of the site


Actress and Q Agenda co-host Juliana Joel was profiled by Refinery 29. Joel talks about her experiences as an actress and activist, as well as making history by playing the first trans character to appear on the Disney Channel. We could not be happier for this talented artist and committed community leader!


The Inheritance comes to LA

The Inheritance by Matthew López opens at the Geffen in Los Angeles Sept. 13. The Tony award winning play inspired by the novel Howards End will end its run Nov. 27.


That's all for now! We're excited to celebrate Latine Heritage Month starting September 15th, so keep your eyes out for new content from our Latin American and Spanish-language team at GLAAD in the coming weeks.