LGBTQ advocates turn Chinese social media purple for #SpiritDay

Chinese advocates are taking to the top Chinese social media platforms WeChat, Weibo, and QQ encouraging people to go purple in support of Spirit Day. The LGBT Rights Promotion Association and the China Rainbow Media Awards had instructed people about bullying of LGBTQ youth, as well as instructions of how to turn profile photos purple on WeChat, Weibo, and QQ.

According to the website created by the advocates:

October 17th, 2019 is the purple commemoration day of this year. Here, we invite all legal and media people to join us in attaching importance to bullying, bravely participating in this great anniversary, supporting a small number of young people, taking action against bullying!

Journalists and lawyers who lead the two organizations demonstrated how easy it is.

GLAAD has been a long-time supporter and collaborator with LGBTQ efforts in China, including presenting at the China Rainbow Media Awards in early 2016. From that relationship, as well as ongoing outreach has encouraged advocates to find creative ways to spread an anti-bullying message across Chinese social media platoforms, and messaged in a way to be seen through the Chinese sensors. 

Spirit Day in China has started to garner media attention, encouraging even further everyday people to go purple for Spirit Day.


About Spirit Day


Each year, millions go purple for GLAAD’s Spirit Day to support LGBTQ youth in a united stand against bullying. Started in 2010 by high school student Brittany McMillan in response to numerous young LGBTQ lives lost to suicide, Spirit Day now draws the participation of celebrities, schools, faith institutions, national landmarks, corporations, media outlets, sports leagues, and advocates around the world, all joining together to stand against bullying and support LGBTQ youth.

Presenting partners Pantene and Target, official partners Kellogg’s and the NBA and WNBA, and community partners Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Kirkland & Ellis, and Wells Fargo will all participate in the anti-bullying campaign. 

As anti-LGBTQ policies, hate crimes, and harassment are on the rise, it is now especially important to let all marginalized youth know they are supported.

This year, Spirit Day is on October 17, 2019. Take the Spirit Day pledge to show LGBTQ youth you've got their backs at Follow @GLAAD on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up to date with #SpiritDay news.