LGBT representation in the midterm election

This year, many LGBT-identified individuals are running for government positions. Here at GLAAD, we do not endorse candidates, but rather celebrate the representation of our community in the midterm elections.

According to the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, there are already approximately 500 LGBT officials working in our government. On November 4, more could be added.

There are LGBT candidates running for Congress in Massachusetts, Colorado, Arizona, California, North Carolina, New York and Texas. The openly gay Richard Tisei is vying for the open seat in Massachusetts. Carl DeMaio, an openly gay man who served on the San Diego City Council, is doing the same in California.

In addition, there are LGBT members of Congress who are looking to get reelected this year. Jared Polis, the first openly gay man in Congress to have a child, is hoping to return to office. As is Kyrsten Sinema, the first openly bisexual woman in Congress.

In Maine, Mike Michaud is running for governor. Should he be elected, he will be the first openly gay man to be elected to the office of governor. In Massachusetts, Maura Healey could be the first LGBT-identified person to be elected attorney general.

There is also LGBT representation in the race for state legislature. In West Virginia, Georgia, and New Mexico, there are LGBT candidates campaigning. Nevada could make history this year if they elect Lauren Scott, the first openly transgender woman to run for state legislature.

Rounding out all of these government hopefuls is American Idol star Clay Aiken, who is running for Congress in North Carolina.

If you know any other LGBT candidates running for the midterm elections, please let us know in the comments section below.