LGBT Religion News Updates for October 12, 2011

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GLAAD encourages all of our readers and pro-LGBT people of faith to pledge to wear purple on Spirit Day, October 20, as a sign of support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth, and to speak out against bullying. Congregations and organizations can get involved by endorsing Spirit Day and by planning their own programs and activities. Rev. Debra W. Haffner was quoted in the Aledo Times Record urging readers to ask themselves if the LGBT youth in their faith communities know that they are welcomed and supported. For additional resources regarding the role clergy can play on National Coming Out Day, be sure to check out the worship resources at the Religion Institute.

OneWheaton, a group consisting of LGBT alumni from the historically theologically conservative Wheaton College, will be hosting unofficial homecoming events for gay evangelicals.

Brian McLaren shared a story from when he was a young pastor with the Mennonite Weekly Review, revealing how touched he was by the fidelity, faithfulness, and deep quality of love of a gay couple who attended his worship service. On Tuesday, October 18, journalist Nonie Darwish, will discuss the LGBT community in Islamic culture at Nashville’s New Hope Community Church.

In closing, GLAAD would like to congratulate Scott Anderson on his ordination within the Presbyterian Church. Rev. Anderson is the first openly gay man to be ordained since the national assembly overturned the ban barring LGBT people from serving as ministers. According to the Washington Post, when Rev. Anderson was presented to the crowd, “audience members gave him a thunderous standing ovation and began roaring with cheers.”

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