LGBT Religion News Summary: Welcoming Episcopal Priest to Give Inaugural Benediction

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The Washington Post discussed the place of LGBT people in U.S. Christian denominations, putting a spotlight on the range of opinions and aiming to note where progress has been made. A Christian polling group has found that just 37% of Christians in the United States believe that being gay is a sin. The Roman Catholic Hierarchy, as demonstrated by the Illinois Catholic Conference’s “Marriage Toolkit,” still expects gay and lesbian Catholics to remain celibate.

Who can pray for America? The Inauguration benediction question

President Obama sparked controversy when he asked Louie Giglio, an Atlanta-based Evangelical pastor, to give the benediction at the President’s inauguration. Unsurprisingly, given that his church is described as “conservative and Evangelical,” Giglio has made anti-LGBT statements in the past and voluntarily withdrew when his past sermon was discovered. Instead, Rev. Luis Leon, an Episcopal priest at St. John's Church in Washington, will give the benediction.

Washington National Cathedral to hold weddings for gay and lesbian couples

In international news, one thousand Roman Catholic priests in the United Kingdom are claiming that marriage equality would prevent them from teaching the “truth” about LGBT people and would force a return to Catholics being persecuted in the UK. In France, Catholics and Muslims marched against marriage equality, despite polls showing that at least 60% of the population supports the measure.









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