LGBT Religion News Summary: New Pope, Marriage Equality Advances, and LGBT Religious Gatherings

Much has happened since our last religion news summary: Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio was named Pope Francis I; Catholic Cardinal Keith O'Brien in the UK resigned his post after admitting to sexual misconduct; evangelical pastor and author Rob Bell came out in support of marriage equality. In response to the papal election, LGBT Catholics and allies offered critiques of the Bergoglio's former comments about LGBT people, and their claims were complimented by new poll data that shows overwhelming support among the Catholic laity for marriage equality.

Hear what GLAAD President Herndon Graddick had to say about the papal election.

A new article this week tackles a growing trend of masking discriminatory policies in language of religious liberty among religiously conservative people. This comes on the heels of a New Mexico court's decision to uphold their ruling in favor of a lesbian couple denied wedding photography services by a religious woman. And a North Carolina church won't marry straight couples until all couples can be married. Meanwhile, GLAAD is working with United for Marriage to call for marriage equality as the US Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Prop 8 and DOMA.

Take Action: Join GLAAD in calling for marriage equality

An openly gay rabbi has been tapped to lead the Jewish Reconstructionist movement. LGBT Muslims gathered in Detroit. And there are several fascinating LGBT and religion themed films: LGBT Presbyterian leaders gathering at a 'secret gay church camp' and the story of an LGBT advocate who set himself on fire at the Vatican to protest the Roman Catholic Church's teaching on LGBT people. Both are worthy of your support!









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