LGBT Religion News Summary for February 2, 2012

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Pastor Joseph Tolton of Harlem's Rehoboth Temple Christ Conscious Church is visiting Uganda in order to quash perceptions of American religions as anti-equality.  During his visit so far, he has called American anti-LGBT efforts in Uganda as "spiritual colonialism" and campaigned to rebuild pro- LGBT Christian bridges between America and Uganda.  Activists in Kampala reportedly cheered as he announced that they cannot be judged by anti-equality preachers whose purpose is to spread hate rather than God's love. 

Although most media coverage of Muslims portray them as anti-equality, Syazwan Zainal documents his interview with his self-identified gay Muslim friend in order to prove that "gay Muslim" should no longer be considered contradictory.  Although the friend is not identified, his words provide a compelling and authentic appeal for changing the way we portray the Muslim community as anti-gay. 

Randy Roberts Potts, grandson of 20th-century televangelist Oral Roberts, is touring his performance art show titled "The Gay Agenda", in which he and his fiancé do boring day-to-day activities such as cooking or watching TV together.  Macky Alston's documentary Love Free or Die, based on the life of the openly-gay Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson, was awarded a Special Jury Prize as an "Agent of Change" at the Sundance Film Festival. 

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