LGBT Religion News Summary for December 21, 2011


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In her article, “Why Young Evangelicals Are Leaving Church,” Laura Sessions Stepp asserts that the significant drop in church attendance by 18 to 29 year olds is due to the fact that Millennials tend to cast social concerns, including marriage equality, in a more progressive light than their elders. Stepp supports her argument by citing a study conducted by the Barna Group, an evangelical research firm. These findings are in line with similar results found by the Public Religion Research Institute this fall.

The Rabbinical Council of America announced last week that it will not take a position on so-called “reparative therapy,” stating  that, “as Rabbis, we can neither endorse not reject any therapy or method that is intended to assist those who are struggling with same-sex attraction.” Mordechai Levovitz, co-executive director of Jewish Queer Youth, explained to JTA that the release of this statement “is indicative of a shift in consciousness, sensitivity and understanding that Orthodox rabbis have about gay people growing up in their communities.”

In Anchorage, several Christian clergy and lay faith leaders announced the formation of Christians for Equality. The group, working in tandem with One Anchorage, submitted more than 13,500 signatures to get an anti-discrimination initiative on the ballot for April’s election.

Lastly, Christian Pratt is somewhat annoyed by Lady Gaga’s plans to become ordained into the Universal Life Church so that she can officiate the marriage of two of her long-time friends, both of whom are women. Pratt believes that by becoming Rev. Gaga, she would diminish the office of ministry as the move would be perceived as an attention-grabbing stunt rather than as a genuine interest.

This will be the last LGBT Religion News Summary for 2011. We’ll start up again in January. Whatever holy days you are celebrating, we hope that we all find peace, love, and joy in 2012. For more updates through the end of the year, please visit the 12 Days of GLAAD.