LGBT Religion News Summary: Believers call for ENDA, but did the Pope call a gay man?

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Read about people of faith calling for ENDA

Baylor University finds that a growing number of individuals who describe themselves as "evangelical" Christians, have ambivalent feelings towards LGBT people. It also finds that 24% support civil unions for LGBT couples. At the same time, the NALT Christian Project launches for people to allow people to proclaim that they are not anti-gay Christians.

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Military chaplains in the Southern Baptist Convention are prohibited from officiating at the marriages or LGBT couples after the Department of Defense officially recognized the marriages of LGBT individuals and extended them equal benefits. A Vatican spokesperson strongly denies that the Pope called a young Frenchman who wrote to him about his homosexuality. The young man claims that Pope Francis called him to convey that his "homosexuality didn't matter". The spokesperson asserted that the Pope had made no such call and that people often will make phone calls in which the claim to be the supreme pontiff.

Take Action: Stand with LGBT people in Russia

A former Anglican bishop from Uganda called for a renewed discussion regarding the anti-LGBT legislation that was set before the country's parliament. An Omani newspaper was sued by the government after publishing an article on LGBT people living in the conservative Gulf state. The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Mumbai asserts that being gay is not a sin. His statement comes after complaints that a priest in his archdiocese preached an anti-LGBT sermon. The sermon was given one day before Pope Francis' comments regarding being gay. 

Former Ugandan Bishop encourages renewed discourse regarding anti-homosexuality legislation
Daily Monitor (Uganda), 9 September 2013
Gay Anglican priest to lead Canadian military chaplaincy
The Star, 15 September 2013
Desmond Tutu talks gay rights
Religion News Service, 13 September 2013

Baptist group prohibits chaplains from solemnizing the weddings of LGBT couples
The Sacramento Bee, 6 September 2013
WWII and Vietnam veterans married at veterans home
Fox 5 San Diego, 12 September 2013

Catholic official discourages youth from identifying as gay
Catholic Education Daily, 5 September 2013
Twin Cities prelate claims homosexuality, condoms, the work of Satan
New York Daily News, 15 September 2013
New film from HRC explores LGBT families and religion
Examiner, 11 September 2013

Christians for Gay Marriage Launch “Not All Like That” Campaign
Time, 4 September 2013
Pro-LGBT Christians breaking out
Religion Dispatches Magazine, 5 September 2013
An Open Letter to NALT Christians
September 12, 2013

Growing number of Evangelicals "ambivalent" about "homosexuality"
The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA), 8 September 2013
Alternative Christian scouting organization founded in protest over BSA decision
The Daily Mail, 8 September 2013
Conservative religious groups declare support for Russian law
Mint Press News, 11 September 2013
Homophobia, Africa, and new colonialism
Daily Maverick, 16 September 2013

LGBT activists mark ‘coming out’ in conservative Indian city
The Hindu, 14 September 2013

Special Psalm melody dedicated to the DOMA victory
The Huffington Post, 25 August 2013
Gay answers to the High Holidays
The Huffington Post, 30 August 2013
Britain’s new chief rabbi against equal marriage
Haaretz, 1 September 2013
Israel recognizes gay couple as biological fathers of child
The Jewish Chronicle, 16 September 2013
Organization offers trips to Israel for Jewish LGBT persons
A Wider Bridge

Omani paper sued after publishing article on LGBT people
Reuters, 7 September 2013
Turkish activist wishes to become nation’s first gay mayor
Al-Ahram, 14 September 2013
Muslim sociology professor fired for talking about homosexuality
Religion News Service, 15 September 2013

Mormon QB to speak at Later-Day Saints conference regarding LGBT rights
Washington Post, 13 September 2013
Mormons and marriage of LGBT couples in Hawaii
The Huffington Post, 16 September 2013

British Quakers mark 50 years of affirming LGBT rights
The Guardian, 13 September 2013