LGBT organizations saddened by court decision

LGBTQ organizations throughout the country expressed sadness and anger over the 4-4 Supreme Court decision which upheld the challenge to the Obama administrations's expanded DACA and DAPA programs that would have helped an additional 5 million undocumented people come out of the shadows.

“Because of this deadlock, millions of immigrants across the country, including many of the more than a quarter million LGBT undocumented immigrants here in California, will continue to live in daily fear of deportations that rip families apart,” said Rick Zbur, executive director of Equality California.

"It is time for Congress to do its job: pass legislation that protects the people and provide the Supreme Court with a ninth Justice. The LGBTQ community, immigrants, and people of color deserve a functioning legislative and judicial system. Everyone does, " said Aaron C. Morris, Executive Director of Immigration Equality.

“We are extremely disappointed in today’s ruling which would have benefited up to a quarter million LGBT Asian Americans. Immigration laws and policies have a direct impact on the lives of LGBT people. Today’s decision diminishes our equality,” said NQAPIA Executive Director Glenn D. Magpantay.

"While today is a devastating setback for millions of undocumented Americans and their families across the country, we will continue to fight on. It is also our moral imperative to rise above partisan politics and hold Republican leaders accountable, making sure they do their constitutional duty and consider the President’s nomination to replace Justice Scalia" read a statement by Define American on its website. Define American was founded by out undocumented journalist Jose Antonio Vargas.

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