LGBT-inclusive Dragon Boat team to compete in Montgomery, Alabama

Starting August 23rd, Dragon Boat Racing will take place in Montgomery Alabama at Riverfront Park. Dragon Boat racing is the fastest growing aquatic sport in the world. It usually consists of 20 paddlers, a cox and a drummer who sits in front of the boat. The boat works as a team to get to the finish line as fast as they can to beat all of the other boats in the race. The Montgomery Dragon Race will have about 80 teams competing this year.

One of the teams competing is called A Different Stroke. Cecielia Hanley a co-captain of an LGBT and straight allies of A Different Stroke was formed in 2012. This was the first public display or gathering of any LGBT members in their community. A Different Stroke raises money so that the world can be a better place for the LGBT community. A Different Stroke also includes LGBT people and straight allies of all different ages from a range of backgrounds.

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