LGBT Gamer Convention Launches Facebook Kickoff Event Tonight

GaymerCon is looking to become the first convention dedicated to LGBT “geek culture,” and is launching its kickoff event and fundraising campaign tonight on Facebook.  At 6pm PST, Gaymercon will host a virtual social world meet up through the Shaker app, where users can meet some of the convention’s organizers and “geek culture celebs,” as well as watch support message videos from various industry corners.

The GaymerCon gaming convention is set for August 3-4 of next year, and will take place in San Francisco.  Organizers plan to use the convention to directly address topics like diversity within video games and cyber-bullying, while helping to build a stronger LGBT gamer community. 

Director Matt Conn sees the convention as an opportunity to build on recent momentum in the video games industry towards addressing LGBT issues, with games like Star Wars and Mass Effect making headlines for including LGBT content.  Says Conn “Historically, there has been very little content with LGBT themes or options in video games and other geek media. We hope to show the world that that this audience not only exist, but is flourishing.“

With several hundred users already signed up for tonight’s meet-up, it looks as though things are off to a strong start.  You can watch the Kickstarter video below, and join the meet up here.