LGBT en Español: Advocate Bamby Salcedo Profiled in People en Español, CNN Show Includes Lesbian Mom, and More

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People en Español Profiles Beloved L.A. Advocate Bamby Salcedo

Advocates in Los Angeles already know Bamby Salcedo is a force to be reckoned with, and now so do the millions of People en Español readers worldwide after she was profiled in the magazine’s February 2012 edition. Salcedo works with transgender youth through Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and is the founder of the yearly fundraiser and fashion show, “Angels of Change,” as well as Publisher of Latino LGBT online magazine xQsí Magazine. Salcedo recently helped prepare actress Kate del Castillo for her role as a transgender woman in the upcoming film, “K-11.”

La Opinión and the Associated Press Offer Stories with Fresh POVs

In December, the Los Angeles daily La Opinión, the nation’s largest Spanish-language newspaper, ran an article by Araceli Martínez Ortega that discussed the issues that older LGBT people face. Among those profiled in the article was Ricardo Urrierta, a 61-year-old gay man struggling with challenges of having a low income, as well as discrimination based on ageism and anti-LGBT attitudes. Associated Press writer Edwin Támara also wrote an article on a rarely discussed topic—transgender people seeking asylum to escape persecution in their home countries. Hats off to both of these enterprising journalists and the news outlets that ran their stories.

CNN En Español Show Includes Perspective of Lesbian Mom

The CNN en Español Show “La Familia de Hoy” in early January featured a panel discussion on modern families. Among those included in the panel of four was Paulina Helm Hernández, a lesbian mom and co-director of the Atlanta-based group Sureños en Nueva Terra. The show’s host, Lucía Navarro, asked panelists to discuss families headed by two moms or two dads and ensured that Helm Hernandez’s opinions were heard. Also on the panel was Father Carlos Quintero of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, who offered moderate opinions about same-sex parents and expressed that the most important aspect of any family is its values.

Ricky Martin Marriage Rumors and Plans for a Baby Girl

Over the past few weeks, newspapers in Puerto Rico, including El Nuevo Dia and Primera Hora were abuzz with the now-refuted rumors of Ricky Martin planning to wed boyfriend Carlos González in late January. News reports on Al Rojo Vivo and other shows have also quoted Martin, who has been more visible recently after his guest appearance on “Glee.” In an hour-long interview on the hugely popular show “Don Francisco Presenta” which re-aired as part of year-end wrap ups, Martin said he definitely would like to have a little girl. Many Spanish-language media outlets regularly cover Martin with the same interest and positive tone that defines coverage of other popular celebrities. Al Rojo’s Maria Celeste Arraras speculated the new baby would be one lucky girl in a family of four doting boys.

LGBT in México (from Mexico City contributor Enrique Torremolina)

The radio show “Código Diverso” (which airs on Mexico City's Office of Cultural Affairs radio station), hosted by Gabriel Gutiérrez, featured two episodes on the most relevant LGBT happenings of 2011, covering local, national and international news. You can listen to these at: and