LGBT en Español: "Ex-Gays" on Cristina, Mun2 Premieres Another Novela with Gay Characters

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Yet Another Show on “Ex-Gays”

On “Pa’lante con Cristina,” host Cristina Saralegui (who is sometimes referred to as the Latina Oprah, and has in the past done great and not so great shows focused on LGBT issues) and her producers decided to focus its May 28 episode on so-called “reparative therapies” that promise to change people’s sexual orientation. While the treatment of the subject matter was surprisingly decent given Spanish and English-language media’s poor track record, we question the need to even cover this subject when  it has been universally condemned as an unhealthy, even dangerous practice.

UPDATE: "Pal'ante con Cristina" will not be renewed for a second season

On Telemundo: Another Novela with Gay Characters Premieres, Still No Same-Sex Kiss on Relaciones Peligrosas

Last week, Telemundo’s bilingual cable network Mun2 launched a new series called Ojo por Ojo (An Eye for an Eye), which features a modern-day Romeo and Juliet plotline that follows two rival crime families, and includes two gay characters Tin and Marcos. According to Nielsen, Ojo por Ojo scored the best premiere for any telenovela in network history among adults 18-49. Ojo por Ojo airs Monday through Thursday at 11PM ET/PT, and features English subtitles.

But when it comes to Relaciones Peligrosas, viewers are becoming increasingly upset that the kisses between Ale (the openly gay character) and Diego (the character who is closeted and questioning) have been kept off-camera. Some have accused Telemundo of censorship due to homophobia. Although possible that this is a strategic decision by show producers, Telemundo is unfortunately sending a mixed message to viewers. We will be keeping a close eye on the development of this storyline

Coverage Overwhelmingly Positive Around Obama's Support for Marriage Equality

President Obama’s support of marriage equality was widely-covered in U.S. Spanish-language media as well as Latin American media outlets. Though at times the coverage focused on the political implications, in many cases media outlets called attention to growing acceptance for LGBT equality in society. Among the outlets that covered the story include Fox News Latino, Univision’s political talk program Al Punto, Noticiero Azteca America, Noticiero Univision and CNN en Español. Noteworthy is an opinion-analysis piece on by Democratic strategist and regular CNN contributor Maria Cardona that discussed the high levels of Latino support for marriage equality following reports alleging the contrary.

Unfortunately the already-debunked “Latinos are anti-LGBT” myth managed to become part of the coverage. As Andrés Duque reported at Blabbeando, Raúl de Molina, co-host of Univision’s entertainment show El Gordo y la Flaca, irresponsibly used results from an poll as proof that Latinos were conservative and anti-marriage equality (although he himself is a supporter).

Global Effort Against Homophobia and Transphobia

This year’s International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia garnered extraordinarily respectful, bold and inclusive coverage.

The Health Editor of La Opinion, the nation’s largest Spanish-language daily, published an op-ed in which he emphasized that homophobia is a public health issue that has ramifications for society as a whole, and calls for everyone—gay and straight—to take part on International Day Against Homophobia. Al Punto host Jorge Ramos did a segment on homophobia in Latin America . New York City’s El Diario la Prensa ran a story that featured local LGBT advocates calling more public education about the consequences of homophobia.  Fox News Latino ran a story on actions that took place across Latin America. Univision's Primer Impacto also featured two stories on International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, notably focusing on the story of a transgender woman and highlighting transphobia.

LGBT in Mexico ((from Mexico City contributor Enrique Torre Molina)

On May 15, the Global Youth Coalition and COJESS México (Youth Coalition for Sexual Education and Health), partnered with LGBT website, released results from the first National Poll on Homophobic Bullying, which was covered by various print and broadcast outlets, including Once TV, Canal Judicial,  and Televisa’s Foro TV

La Jornada, one of Mexico City’s leading daily newspapers, ran a story by journalist Rocío Sánchez on immigrants who appeal for political asylum in Mexico, which included the case of a young gay man from El Salvador, who discussed his migration experience in Mexico, and shared his insight about the different levels of acceptance for young gay men in both countries.

A piece in Publímetro by journalist Diego Enrique Osorno profiled Mario Rodríguez Platas, a member of the politically-center Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey and advocate for LGBT issues. Mario is fighting for the creation of a Sexual Diversity Commission within the party, and slowly has gotten the support of other party members.