LGBT Business Forum highlights Poland's LGBT friendly businesses

According to the "Market research and working environment of LGBT persons in Poland 2014" conducted by LGBT Business Forum, more than half of LGBT identified employees do not come out in the workplace. The fear of facing discrimination at work makes coming out to colleagues very difficult. Lack of support for LGBT personnel causes stress and negatively impacts performance of LGBT employees.

A Polish Foundation, LGBT Business Forum established in 2012, works to raise awareness and promote LGBT diversity in the workplace.  Their work focuses on creating healthier environments for LGBT persons in corporations and organizations across the country to spread the message about the value of LGBT friendliness. Changing the perspective towards LGBT workers ensures that they would feel more integrated, valued and respected both as employees and as members of the society.

The foundation also gives out annual awards to businesses who create an LGBT friendly environment for their employees and their families. An organization can receive one of two awards, a "Rainbow Wasp" is granted to an organization which fails to commit to LGBT rights, or a "Rainbow Bee" granted to a business which positively stands out as an LGBT friendly business.

This year's "Rainbow Bee" awards recipients include:

Google Poland – the award for the most LGBT friendly company

Polish Airlines LOT – in the "Surprise" category

Barefoot Wine – the "Activity and Initiative" category

British Cousin – the "Organization" category


The "Rainbow Wasp" was granted to IBM Poland

Watch a video message from Vice-President of European Parliament, Ulrike Lunacek. The video was prepared  for a conference organized by LGBT Business Forum entitled “LGBT rights and economic growth – a union of equality?”. The event took place in the Austrian Forum of Culture in Warsaw on the 13th of June 2014.