LGBT Advocates in Maryland Testify in Nondiscrimination Ordinance Hearing

Today, LGBT advocates from across Maryland ventured to Annapolis for the Senate hearing on the SB449 is a bill.  If passed, the bill would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and expression when seeking employment, housing and any public service. 

While Maryland enacted a similar bill more than a decade aga, SB 449, which is sponsored by  Senators Rich Madaleno and Jamie Raskin,  will especially provide assistance for transgender and non-gender conforming individuals that live in the state.

SB449 is expected to be approved and signed by Governor Martin O'Malley once passing the full senate and House of Delegates.  Once enacted, SB449 will make Maryland one fewer state in which it is legal to fire or deny employment to a person based on their gender identity and expression.  

To support SB449 simply send a letter to your local official in Maryland.

GLAAD is proud to stand with Equality Maryland and other LGBT advocates working on the groud to protect the rights of trans Americans.