LGBT Advocates and Allies Top The Root's Annual Top 100 List

Yesterday, The Root, a leading news outlet that focuses on an array of societal issues from an African American perspective released “The Root 100” for 2012. The compelling list of influencers, includes community leaders who are speaking up for LGBT equality including MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry, who topped this year's list. 

Singer and HIV activist, Jamar Rogers, who was a finalist on NBC's “The Voice,” Frank Ocean and EBONY magazine’s editor-in-chief, Amy DuBois Barnett, and editor Kierna Mayo are also recognized on the list for EBONY's continued push for inclusive and thought-provoking coverage of LGBT issues. Kierna Mayo of was also nominated for an award at this year’s GLAAD Media Awards for her piece on Janet Mock for Marie Claire. The list also showcased acclaimed TV Producer, Shonda Rhimes, who won the Golden Gate Award at the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards, and environmental and LGBT activists, Aisha and Danielle Moodie-Mills, who have both been great champions of equality for the LGBT community. Ben Jealous, the youngest-ever president and CEO of the NAACP which voiced stood in solidarity with the LGBT community this year, also made the list. 

Former GLAAD Senior Director of Media Programs, Rashad Robinson, also makes the list. Robinson continues to be an influencer post-GLAAD as the executive director for

Sheryl Huggins Salomon of The Root writes, “One core mission of The Root is to reveal and recognize African Americans who are breaking ground, raising the bar and effecting meaningful change in the world.” And that, they did. Many on the list you may be familiar with as prominent figures and some are more behind-the-scenes, but all are making major waves setting examples for African American communities in the US and abroad in their exemplary work that has and will continue to create social change.



To read more about the list of captivating and inspiration leaders, please visit The Root.