Level Ground: World's first faith-based LGBT film festival

The Level Ground Film Festival has gotten underway in Pasadena, California. NBC in Los Angeles reports:

How meaningful and innovative happenings come together typically arrive with interesting stories and personalities and moments, and the Level Ground Film Festival -- billed as "the world's first faith-based LGBT film festival" -- has such the inspiring origin story.

The 2nd annual festival, which'll bring panels, screenings, talks, and more to various Pasadena venues through Sunday, March 2, got its start at Fuller Theological Seminary, "the largest Evangelical seminary in the world and the first to sanction an official LGBT student group." Chelsea McInturff and Samantha Curley were student leaders in that group, a group that brought the documentary "Love Free or Die" in for screening and discussion. 

And the festival? It flowered from there.

Now Ms. McInturff -- "a gay Christian from a socially and politically conservative family" -- and Ms. Curley -- "a straight Christian from a liberal and non-religious family" -- are at the executive director helm of the dynamically programmed, multi-venue fest, an event that'll provide a "safe space" for conversation and a variety of viewpoints.

Level Ground draws its name from the Bible --- Isaiah 40:3-5, to be exact -- and much of its mission comes from a strong faith base and the belief that inclusion, dialogue, and understanding are key when it comes to the matters of "faith, gender and sexuality," and how differences in viewpoint and heart might be bridged.

GLAAD staff is at Level Ground, presenting a workshop on why the language we use matters.

Join GLAAD for a screening of We Were Here on Monday, February 24 at the United Methodist Church of Pasadena. We will be hosting and moderating a panel following. 

Level Ground Launch Party from Level Ground on Vimeo.