Let's bring LGBTQ pride #backtoschool

How do you do, fellow kids?

Today, GLAAD is partnering with Tumblr for a #backtoschool campaign!

The #backtoschool campaign shines a light on the stories of young people who are bringing LGBTQ pride to campus. Check out the prompt from Tumblr here. You can participate in our digital campaign on all social media platforms by posting a selfie, mirror pic, group shot of you looking #backtoschool cool and tell us about your life as an LGBTQ or ally student. You can also share your cutest or strangest #fbf (flashback Friday) photo from your young school days!

#backtoschool season was always my favorite. i loved school. at first, mostly for social reasons (see: class clown). but later in my school days I realized how important learning was. not just learning about ~books n shit~ but learning about myself and what made me happy. the friends I've made in high school (shoutout @missporters) are my some of favorite people on earth. they have accepted me and loved me for the freaky queer binch I am for over 10 years. my love for them knows no end. my friends (and finally some lovers) in college saw me through my darkest days. when I was discovering myself as queer, as different than I always thought I was, as different from almost everyone else I knew, my friends (shout out @ladyhalesby @_yaria_ @aybaybaybirsh @rebshess) showed me unconditional love and support. they made me feel like I was finally becoming myself, instead of becoming someone else, someone different from what I thought I should be. @skidmorecollege taught me everything I never knew I needed to know to survive: queer and feminist theory (shoutout to my queer and feminist professors). my studies changed my life. I am so fkn blessed for this life (shoutout to my family - holy shit y'all I love you guys). so yeah I guess I'm seriously in the right line of work for all these feelings (shoutout to @glaad). anywhomst, be kind to queer and questioning kids. we need you. post a pic of yourself in #backtoschool mode - spread that love.

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According to our 2017 Accelerating Acceptance report, more than 30% of Americans polled say they are uncomfortable with LGBTQ people in their families, schools, and communities. However, acceptance of the LGBTQ community is growing, especially in younger generations. Over 20% of millennials identify as LGBTQ and 63% identify as allies. Most importantly, many LGBTQ students feel a stronger sense of community among friends and chosen family in their schools today. We want to celebrate these stories of community and acceptance as students around the country head #backtoschool.

Tag GLAAD and use the hashtag #backtoschool on Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Don’t forget to recruit your friends and classmates to participate too!

Let’s share messages, images, and stories of love and acceptance to LGBTQIA and questioning students as they head #backtoschool.