Lesbian Couple from Ellen featured in Minnesota pro-marriage equality video

As November 6 draws nearer, videos are telling stories of real people in Maine, Maryland, Washington, and Minnesota. One video features Rebecca Johnson and Carrie Agnew, a couple who tells the story about their family, and the struggles they overcame to remain a family.

When they ran into complications with their pregnancy, the couple had to navigate a complicated legal terrain in order to properly care for one another. Rebecca and Carrie shared their video with GLAAD, and we want to share it with you. Watch their story here.

Rebecca and Carrie told their story to Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime talk show. Their daughter is now four years old, and the family is now fighting a proposed constitutional amendment in Minnesota that would block the protections that come with marriage. Equality advocates are urging the residents of Minnesota to vote NO on the proposed constitutional amendment titled, “Recognition of Marriage Solely Between One Man and One Woman.”

The video was produced by Project 515, a Minnesota organization whose mission is to ensure that same sex couples and their families have equal rights and considerations under Minnesota law. Project 515’s explains that there are at least 515 Minnesota states statutes that prevent gay and lesbian couples from being treated equally under the law, and how changing those statutes would improve the quality of life for the men, women, and children affected by them.

Hearing real people’s stories about why marriage equality matters can directly impact voters in these four states. Please share this video widely so that everyone can understand the impact marriage can have on families. To learn more about how you can help pepole in Minnesota, as well as Maryland, Maine, and Washington, visit GLAAD's vote page