LEBANON: Activists hail "landmark ruling" On LGBT criminalization

A judge presiding over the case of criminalizing LGBT relationships has ruled that the piece of legislation is in fact invalid. This ruling is undeniably a great achievement for the activists in Lebanon.

“The more we have decisions like this the more Article 534 becomes irrelevant,” said Georges Azzi, an LGBT Activist in Lebanon. “Any legal change takes a lot of time but at least this article might stop being used to persecute gay and transgender people in Lebanon.” Despite the fact that Lebanon is known for its reputation as one of the most progressive countries in Middle East, many LGBT individuals still face discrimination.

"If you want to be gay in Lebanon, then you'd better be powerful like Yves Saint Laurent. That's what someone told me when I was young, and the words have stuck with me ever since," said "Marwan", a gay man in his mid-40s who preferred not to give his real name.

The ruling by Judge is certainly a good step towards LGBT equality in Lebanon. For more information on the story see The Daily Star in Lebanon.