Leading bisexual groups bring attention to bullying on #SpiritDay


In a united stand against bullying and in support of all LGBTQ youth, leading bisexual advocacy organizations have “gone purple” for Spirit Day.

An epidemic impacting many young people worldwide, bullying significantly effects bisexual+ youth, who make up more than half of all LGBTQ youth in the United States. In fact, 29% of all people age 18-29 identify as neither completely gay nor straight.

According to the Movement Advancement Project’s recent “Invisible Majority” report, 40% of bi high school students seriously considered attempting suicide, and nearly 1/3 of bi students ended up attempting suicide. Bisexual youth are also more likely than their gay and straight peers to be exposed to intimate partner violence and risk behaviors.

The BiCast, podcasting for the bisexual community that is a BiNet USA co-sponsored project, interviewed GLAAD’s Alexandra Bolles, Senior Programs Strategist and #BiWeek co-founder, about Spirit Day, bisexual youth, and bullying resources ahead of the campaign to encourage people to go purple. Listen to the short conversation here.The BiCast also changed its profile picture to purple and has been amplifying posts about anti-bullying all day long.

On Spirit Day, the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC) released an original graphic on how bi young people experience bullying, posted about the campaign, and changed their cover photo on Twitter:

One of oldest national bi+ organization in the U.S. raising awareness about the bi community, BRC also posted a blog post on its site about Spirit Day:

So many bi+ youth face disparities that are unique to our community, some of which are outlined below. Bullying is especially harmful. Join us and GLAAD to support LGBTQ youth and take the pledge to go purple for #spiritday, and speak out against bullying!

Its website is even getting into the Spirit:

#StillBisexual, the popular trending digital movement, posted several times, including a moving video of a bisexual survivor of bullying:

BiNet USA, a long-standing national organization advocating for bi, pan, queer, fluid, and unlabeled people, has been actively amplifying Spirit Day and anti-bullying-related posts from GLAAD and many others It's also shared original content on its blog and social media:

On BiNet USA's blog, the group wrote of Spirit Day's importance:

We also know that bisexual youth report higher levels of harassment and bullying, and lower levels of social support than their gay and lesbian peers. These problems among bi+ youth too often translate into disparities among bisexual adults related to physical health, mental health, and economic status.

By participating in GLAAD's Spirit Day, we hope to show bi+ and other LGBTQ youth that there are people they can go to for help, acceptance, and support.

The Bisexual Organizing Project, which is based in Minnesota, shared graphics from GLAAD and BRC, as well as the BiCast interview, and encouraged their supporters to empower LGBTQ youth:

BiRequest, a New York-based bisexual social discussion group, was one of many local groups nationwide to participate, as well:


You can find these sharable graphic and many more on GLAAD's Facebook:

About Spirit Day

Each year, millions of people "go purple" for Spirit Day in a united stand against bullying and to show support for LGBTQ youth. According to a 2015 GLSEN survey, more than half of LGBTQ students report being victimized based on sexual orientation, with a further three quarters of students who report hearing anti-LGBTQ remarks in school. Started in 2010 by high school student Brittany McMillan, Spirit Day now draws the participation of celebrities, corporations, media outlets, sports leagues, schools, faith institutions, national landmarks, and individuals around the world, who join together in a united stand against bullying.

Check out glaad.org/spiritday for more about how to stand against bullying and show support for LGBTQ youth. Also follow @GLAAD on Twitter to keep up to date with #spiritday news.

Spirit Day is made possible by the generous support of its presenting partners Target and Wells Fargo, official partners, NBA and WNBA, NFL, Viacom, and WWE, and supporting partners, American Eagle Outfitters, Barilla, Comcast NBCUniversal, Kellogg’s, Kirkland & Ellis, Toyota Financial Services, and Zipcar. The translation of GLAAD’s Spirit Day Resource Kit into multiple languages is made possible by a generous grant from Google supporting GLAAD’s Global Voices Initiative. Global Spirit Day resource kits are presented by Logo’s Global Ally campaign.

Past participants in Spirit Day include the White House, the Empire State Building, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Cher, Laverne Cox, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Shaquille O'Neal, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The View, The Talk, The Tonight Show, MTV, the NBA, the NFL, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, WWE, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, the Las Vegas Strip, and more.