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What to Watch: Tuesday, November 16th

November 16, 2010
Gweneth Paltrow wins over the Glee kids, and Jesse and Paul discuss meeting his birth mother on In Treatment. Tuesday, November 16 Read More

November 15, 2010

What to Watch: Monday, November 15

Teddy hits the gay bars in Los Angeles' LGBT mecca on 90210, and Marlene's lesbian daughter shows up at her funeral on The Big C. Monday, November 15 Read More

November 12, 2010

What to Watch: This Weekend (November 12-14)

Roger helps Stan attain his dream on American Dad, and will we learn more about Mary's affair on Boardwalk Empire? Friday, November 12 Read More

November 11, 2010

What to Watch: Thursday, November 11

Erin has a Glee party on tonight's The Office! And what's the status of CalZona after last week's airport drama? Thursday, November 11 Read More

November 10, 2010

What to Watch: Wednesday, November 10

The models tackle a go-see challenge in the fashion capital of the world on America's Next Top Model, and the Circus troupe has some temperamental weather issues. Wednesday, November 10Read More

November 9, 2010

What to Watch: Tuesday, November 9

Will Kalinda be outed on tonight's The Good Wife? Will Kurt meet his teenage dream tonight on Glee? You'll just have to tune in to find out!Tuesday, November 9 Read More

November 8, 2010

What to Watch: Monday, November 8

Jeff's lesbian softball teammate offers to carry his child on Rules of Engagement and Kim and Kandi disagree on their new track on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Monday, November 8 Read More

November 5, 2010

What to Watch: This Weekend (November 5-7)

Adam is jealous of Drew and Fiona's budding romance on Degrassi, and Paige tries to patch things up between Kevin and Scotty on Brothers & Sisters. Friday, November 5 Read More
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