Latinx+ Events, Films, and Shows to Round Out Pride 2020

Don't miss this amazing slew of LGBTQ Latinx+ events below for Pride 2020. As we enter the later half of Pride month, take some time to check out some of the wonderful events below!

Celebrate Pride with LATV & The Latinx Community Every Thursday of Pride Month

The third season of "The Q Agenda" airs every Thursday in June on LATV. The new episodes will be hosted by actress and trans activist Juliana Joel, comedian Lianna Carrera, celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur Victor Ramos and actor, host and reality TV personality Enrique Sapene, Season 3 features GLAAD’s own Monica Trasandes, among others.

You can watch The Q Agenda on LATV (KVMD in Los Angeles) every Thursday in June at 8:30pm EST / 9pm PST, and through or through the LATV App (iOS, Google Play, Fire TV). Other pride month content by LATV includes a weekly digital exclusive series “My Queer Story” profiling LGBTQ+ heroes, uplifting coming out stories from LATV’s personalities, pride articles, Latinx LGBTQ+ get out the vote activations, and social media campaigns and takeovers meant to make sure the Latinx LGBTQ+ community feels seen and celebrated this pride month. 

The 41 List

Honor41 is proud to present “The 41 List” - a video series that celebrates 41 role models within the LGBTQ Latinx community. It’s a diverse group of distinguished professors, journalists, community leaders, actors, elected officials, activists, non-profit leaders, artists, students, entrepreneurs, and more. The project was started by Alberto Mendoza, Executive Director of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) as a way to honor LGTQ Latinx people by creating an avenue where an LGBTQ Latinx kid anywhere in the world can find inspiring stories of people like them.

Taking its name from a hate crime committed in 1901 when 41 men in Mexico City disappeared after being beaten and arrested for their sexual orientation, Honor 41 reclaims the number to honor inspirational individuals in the LGBTQ community and their tireless work toward acceptance and equality.


Below is a small sampling of the 41 List's 2020 honorees. You can see more stories on






2020 Conference of Jornadas Trans Latinoamérica Europa

Li Áan A “Estrella” Sanchez - director of Community Estrella, member of the Organizing Committee of Jornadas Trans Latinoamérica Europa, and 41 List honoree - invites everyone to attend Jornadas Trans Latinoamérica Europa's 2020 virtual conference from June 25 to 28. The conference hosted via Facebook will bring together trans people from all over Latin America and Europe.




On June 28 tune in for the premiere of "Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America," the award-winning documentary that follows LGBTQ refugees and asylum seekers from Africa and the Middle East as they flee persecution to seek safety in the U.S. The premiere will air on PBS-affiliated World Channel.

The documentary follows four immigrants who must navigate a United States that increasingly closes its borders, demonizes immigrants, and leaves vulnerable refugees more stranded than ever.

Subhi, a gay Syrian refugee who, having survived multiple death threats from Islamic terrorists, beatings by a violent and homophobic father, and a nation devastated by years of war, finds his voice as a leader for refugee rights in the U.S. Along the way he meets then Ambassador Samantha Power and is invited to be the first gay man ever to testify before the U.N. Security Council. Cheyenne and Mari, a lesbian couple from Angola who, having faced brutal harassment from family and neighbors, seek uncertain asylum through the American immigration courts while pursuing their dreams of becoming musicians. Junior, a gender non-conforming gay man from the Democratic Republic of the Congo struggles intensely to find basic housing and livelihood while exploring a more fluid gender identity. 

Landing in gay-friendly San Francisco and girded with new hope (aided by advocates, church volunteers, ordinary citizens, and Jewish Family and Community), their challenges only begin to multiply: finding new homes, new jobs and new identities in the country’s most cost-prohibitive region forces these new immigrants to dig deep just in order to survive. The documentary shows the costs persecuted immigrants pay for seeking refuge and asks how everyday Americans are stepping forward to help those most in need.