Profiles GLAAD's Monica Trasandes as an 'Inspiring Latina'

GLAAD’s Director of Spanish-Language Media Monica Trasandes was recently profiled by as part of its Inspiring Latina series.

The site wrote:

If a young Latina girl sees a gay female character on a television show, telenovela, or movie, she may have Monica Trasandes to thank for it.

In the interview, the Uruguayan-born Trasandes discusses how early-life experiences shaped her, and influenced her passion for telling stories, particularly those of the voiceless. "When I was young, the Dirty War was happening in Argentina. I thought more people should be telling the story of the people who were disappearing," she said.

That passion eventually grew into a love of media, writing, and LGBT advocacy. She also spoke about her work at GLAAD to improve the quantity and quality of LGBT images in Spanish Language Media:

I work with Spanish-language media, making sure that great stories about gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender Latinos are included in media, so that we are more visible. We’ve been so invisible for so long and that does nothing to diminish prejudice. So many gay and transgender people all over the United States and Latin America still have to be very closeted and are scared to lose their families, their jobs, their homes, even their lives, just for being who they are.

In addition to her work at GLAAD, where she works to ensure LGBT visibility in Spanish-language media, she also writes plays and novels. Her latest book Broken Like This is set for release in late November.

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