LA Boy Scouts support adult gay members

The Boy Scouts of America's (BSA) proposal to appease critics of its longstanding anti-gay ban, admitting gay youth but not gay adults, is a bad solution says David Meshulam, president of the Los Angeles Area Council for the BSA. The proposed "solution" is slated to be voted on internally at the end of May by 1,400 BSA members.

“We’re put in a very, very difficult place,” said David Meshulam to the LA Times. He went on to say that because discrimination would now continue in the organization either way the vote goes, his group is one of several in Southern California proposing allowing anyone to join who meet Scouting standards.

“In my heart, I know that it is absolutely vital that we include everybody,” Meshulam told the LA Times. That's why his proposal reads “The focus should be on a person’s conduct, measured against BSA’s standards of conduct, not a person’s status as homosexual or heterosexual.”

Under pressure from both equal rights activists and supporters of the ban, the BSA has been holding internal surveys and over 250 town halls meetings in order to gauge the pulse through their organization.

The LA Times reports the majority of youth members do not support the BSA's current ban on participation by gay scouts and parents, and that support for the existing ban among parents has dropped from 57% three years ago to about 48% currently. . While local donors remain mixed on the issue, almost all of the organizations Fortune 500 donors favor dropping the ban.