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#SouthernStories: Nicole Modjeski talks transition, mental health, and life in Mississippi

September 15, 2015
"Caitlyn Jenner had a positive impact. It showed them that I wasn't the only one who was transgender. Caitlyn Jenner has allowed my family to love me."Read More

July 15, 2015

LGBT voices are included in the movement for elder justice

LGBT elders were represented at the White House Conference on Aging to a greater extent than they ever have before at this once-a-decade summit.Read More

July 3, 2015

Omnicom Media accelerates acceptance through advertising industry

The marketing and corporate communications leader held a company-wide LGBT initiative all month long around GLAAD's #GotYourBack campaign.Read More

June 9, 2015

PHOTOS: Chinese same-sex couples married in West Hollywood

Yesterday, we told you about 10 Chinese same-sex couples who won a destination wedding in West Hollywood. Today was the big day, and GLAAD has some photos of the couples getting ready, getting married, and doing some interviews at the event.Read More

June 8, 2015

10 same-sex couples from China win destination weddings in West Hollywood

Being gay was decriminalized in China in 1997, but marriage for same-sex couples is not legal. Though their marriages will not be legally recognized in China, the city of West Hollywood welcomes these ceremonies as a symbol of marriage equality to raise awareness and foster acceptance for same-sex couples' marriages in China.Read More
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