Kiss-Off! Sophomoric reactions to two men kissing

José Ron is a popular telenovela actor in Mexico who shared a kiss with a man on the telenovela Los Exitosos Perez in 2009.  Since then he has gone on to other roles.  Recently he kissed television personality Yordi Rosado because he lost a bet and the kiss happened to air on a television program in Mexico.  So, why are we talking about it?  Ron himself said "It's not a big deal, it was for fun, I'm okay with it, it was a joke and the people who don't understand, well, that's their problem."

The reactions of some well-known celebrity gossip shows on Spanish-language television unfortunately were a little sophomoric.  On "Suelta la Sopa", the narrator felt the need to emphasize that Ron gave the other a guy a very "macho kiss," that the guys didn't like it, or love each other and finally that it was a sign of a good friendship. 

On "El Gordo y La Flaca" when the segment is introduced as a video of Ron kissing another man, someone in the studio says "Huacala" which means "yuck." 

And finally, the most disappointing of all reactions we saw was on "Estrellas Hoy," when presenter Elisa Beristain said "I don't care if he liked it, or he didn't but why be so exhibitionist and kiss on air?  I wouldn't want my children seeing them kissing like that."  To be fair the show's mains hosts made it clear they didn't agree with her sentiments.  However, these reactions to the kiss reveals the homophobia as brightly as lipstick on a collar.