The kiss that shook Brazil

On Friday night Brazil made history by airing the first passionate (on-the-mouth!) kiss between two male characters on a prime-time telenovela, Amor à Vida (Trail of Lies). This popular series aired on Rede Globo, the second most watched network in the world after America's ABC. The telenovela Amor à Vida followed the relationship between Felix (Mateus Solano) and Niko (Thiago Fragoso), but until the finale the gay couple had only kissed on the cheek. In 2005, Red Globo filmed a passionate gay kiss on the popular soap América, but it was not allowed to air. This time the thousands of fans-activists tweets that called for a "real kiss" on #BeijaFelixENiko finally got their wishes.

The kiss made the front page of all the Brazilian morning papers and unleashed a storm of approval and discussion on Facebook and Twitter. Congratulations to the Brazilians who pushed for the kiss and to Rede Globo for your efforts at creating positive representations of LGBT relationships in television!