Kim Watson on being a mother, wife, and mentor of trans experience for #LGBTQFamilies Day

On Monday, June 2, 2014, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer bloggers, their family members, and allies from across the U.S. and around the world will celebrate the ninth annual Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day. The event, developed and run by the award-winning LGBTQ-parenting site Mombian, and sponsored by Family Equality Council, aims to raise awareness of LGBTQ families, their diverse natures, and how current prejudices and laws have a negative impact on their lives and children.

My name is Kim, I am a mother and a wife to a beautiful four-year-old daughter and my husband, legally married for six years.

I must begin this story by letting people now that I was told a number of things that I would never be able to do because I had a medical condition.

My medical condition is related to me being a woman of trans experience.

For the past six years, I have been married to my husband, my friend, my confidant, and my life coach. What makes our relationship so unique is one of the most important elements in having a relationship, which is communication. With my husband committed to my life, he has made me healthier and become a better person to me. I cannot and would not know how to deal with myself without him.

I have seen many people use the words "soul mate" loosely, but for me, my husband is definitely my soul mate. My husband is one of the most intelligent and passionate men I have ever met. My husband is such a wonderful father to our daughter, who is basically a daddy’s girl. From the moment our daughter came into our lives she always see him as her magic daddy.


Below is a little guide to life for my lovely daughter -

  1. Be good to yourself!  There are some things everyone deserves, and they are love, respect, time to recharge, and to never settle for less.
  2. Seek out your dreams, start small, and take it as it comes!
  3. Learn to crawl before you can walk because even a butterfly has to inch around before getting wings.
  4. Listen to your heart. Trust your gut. If the ways seems unclear, look inside yourself. Let your voice be heard. You have a story to tell and opinions that count -- and a difference to make.
  5. Stay curious, take every opportunity to learn. Knowledge is a gift, it will take you places.
  6. Hold on to what is important, let worries go. No matter how you look at it, some things just don’t make any sense.
  7. The way you choose to carry on is what really matters.

Most of all, remember I love you.

Signed - your mom Kim....


One thing I always tried to instill in my daughter is, it don’t matter what happened in the storm, eventually you will see the sun return.  I also let her know, if ever during a storm and she were to become scared, that she has a Mom and Dad to comfort her.

I’m really proud of myself so far that I’m able to express myself to my daughter, my  husband, and anyone else close to me.

I am also the mother figure/mentor of chosen kids.  I have nine boys and one girl who are my chosen children. Now, being a mother figure to these kids has stabilized my patience, my commitment, my passion, and energy to keep loving all of them unconditionally. I cannot always get to see them, but every day, I get to speak to most of them or they text me.

To conclude this and tell you a little about myself, I was born in Barbados. I was the sixth child out of eight. I am a woman by way of medically transitioning and aligning my body with that of an anatomical female. I am one of the co-founders of Community Kinship Life (CK life). I am an activist, a mentor, a life coach, who lives her life unapologetically and authentically to the fullest. I am all about building the positive, and reaching out to the new generation.

Overall, I live a very low key lifestyle, which is a family-orientated mentality, and I would not change it for anything in this world.

- Mrs. Kim Watson