With Kayleigh McEnany as RNC Spox, Trumpism Advances within the GOP

The RNC extends Trump’s agenda by continuing to stack the GOP with anti-LGBTQ activists

NEW YORK - GLAAD, the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization, today released the following background information on Kayleigh McEnany after the Republican National Committee (RNC) named her as their new national spokesperson. McEnany, who served as a surrogate on the Trump Campaign, appeared in a widely discredited video over the weekend on last month’s jobs report. Also, she has previously dismissed reports of LGBTQ discrimination as “farcical blabber” and used her past platform on CNN to push dangerous and inflammatory myths about the transgender community.

With this appointment, the RNC is now giving a platform to one of the staunchest supporters of President Trump and his administration’s work to erase LGBTQ Americans from the fabric of this nation. This includes appointing the most anti-LGBTQ administration in recent memory, deleting any mention of “LGBTQ” from government websites, and announcing a ban on the transgender Americans from serving “in any capacity” within the U.S. military.


  • Dismissed claims of marriage discrimination prior the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling as nothing more than “farcical blabber.”  
  • Claimed that the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality is a threat to “religious rights.”
  • Argued against transgender bathroom access in accordance to gender identity on the basis that “that this could be utilized by some men, for instance, to go into female bathrooms, it’s happened at Target, which does have the same policy in place. Voyeurism issues where cameras were put by men taking advantage of the policies, not transgender individuals, men, straight men coming in and really being a predator against women.”
  • Used another CNN appearance to frame transgender bathroom access as a threat to women and little girls.
  • Dismissed openly gay CNN anchor Don Lemon’s concerns about Mike Pence’s anti-LGBTQ views by saying “Mike Pence loves all people.” (Video starts at 2:00.)
  • Said it was “awesome” that late Justice Antonin Scalia criticized a pro-marriage equality ruling.
  • Called modern feminism an “embarrassment,” suggesting that “the feminists of today reduce women to their sexuality, and in doing so, set women’s rights back by huge strides.”
  • Disputed that having women in active combat is nothing more than the “radical agenda” of feminists; in the same post, she criticized “award shows, where Hollywood was trying to ban gender-based awards.”