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GLAAD Works With Burke Burnett, Victim of Brutal Attack in Texas

On Sunday, October 30, in Reno, Texas, Burke Burnett was stabbed repeatedly with a broken beer bottle and thrown onto a fire. At the same time, 26-year-old Burke, who is openly gay, was taunted with numerous anti-gay slurs. "I was hurt really badly that night, emotionally and physically, but I didn't lose my life, and that's the most important thing," said Burke. GLAAD has been working closely with Burke to help him share his story with the media.Read More

Equality Ohio Addresses Videotaped Beating of Gay Student

"Ohio must have the courage to confront bullying," said Ed Mullen, the executive director of Equality Ohio. "Until our state's laws and school policies specifically address this problem, bullying will continue unabated and schools will remain unsafe." Read More

Story to Watch: NH Panel Votes on Repeal of Marriage Equality

On Tuesday, October 25, a New Hampshire House panel will vote on whether to recommend legislation that would repeal the state's 2009 law that legalized marriage equality.Read More

The Weather Channel, GMA, The View, The Talk, The Chew & Wendy Williams 'Go Purple' for Spirit Day

Daytime television's brightest stars were among the millions of Americans who wore purple for Spirit Day 2011. In doing so, they sent a powerful message of support to LGBT youth and took an important stand against bullying.Read More

WFAA in Texas Raises Awareness of Spirit Day, GET AMPED! Dallas-Fort Worth

This morning, Craig Casey, Jr., an openly gay track athlete and writer sat down for a Spirit Day interview with Ron Corning of WFAA-8, the local ABC affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Thanks to both Craig and Ron for wearing purple on Spirit Day!Read More

Deja-vu: Brian & Anton Once Again Face Deportation Threat

Brian & Anton, a loving and committed binational gay couple from Philadelphia who faced the threat of Anton's deportation on Valentine's Day, are essentially back at square one.Read More

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