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CNN: D.J. Hughley & Dan Savage Discuss Prop. 8

D.J. Hughley talks with Dan Savage about the passage of California's Prop. 8, civil rights, and the black vote. 11.16.08 10:17 pmRead More

CNN: American Morning - Evan Wolfson on Prop 8

Evan Wolfson on the outcry over Prop. 8's passage: "This is not a question of blaming somebody or finding a racial group or an ethnic group or even an age group. It's really about having the conversation that moves people forward.Read More

Eye on the Media - Post-Election LGBT & Prop 8 Coverage

On Friday, GLAAD released a document entitled "Eye on the Media" which looks at post-election media coverage of LGBT issues and California's proposition 8.Read More

Exclusive Video: Proposition 8 Rally in New York City

As mentioned yesterday, here's video coverage of the Wednesday night Proposition 8 rally in New York City.Read More

Share Your Story - Prop 8

It's time to hear from YOU! Through our culture-changing work we know the power personal stories have to shape perceptions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Read More

The Oregonian: Nation's First Transgender Mayor

In this video by The Oregonian, Stu Rasmussen, discusses politics and acceptance in his small town.  Stu was elected mayor of Silverton, Oregon, becoming the nation's first openly transgender mayor. Read More

CBS Evening News with Katie Couric - Proposition 8 Backlash

Last night, CBS News' John Blackstone reported from San Francisco, California about the protests against Prop. 8.Read More
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