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CNN: American Morning - "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr analyzes the statement released by over 100 retired military generals and admirals calling for a repeal of DADT. Starr says the document is a good indication that the military may be ready for change. Read More

CNN: The Situation Room - "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Under Fire

Wolf Blitzer and CNN Pentagon correspondent Jamie McIntyre discuss 100 retired generals and admirals "trying to give Obama a nudge" toward repealing DADT by expressing their opposition to anti-gay military ban. 11.17.08 06:27 pmRead More

CNN Newsroom - Protesting Prop. 8

CNN's Susan Candiotti reports on protests occurring across the country over the passage of California's Prop. 8, focusing on the anger some protesters feel over socially conservative religious groups' support of the anti-gay amendment. Read More

CNN Newsroom - Same-Sex Marriage: Gay Rights Supporters Organized Online

CNN's Veronica De La Cruz reports on nationwide protests over the passage of California's Prop. 8 and how the rallies have been extensively organized, documented and responded to online via blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook. Read More

CNN Sunday Morning - Prop. 8 Rallies

On Sunday, CNN covered the rallies over the passage of California's Proposition 8 in New York City.Read More

MSNBC News Live - Proposition Eight Fight

This weekend, protests over Prop. 8's passage occurred simultaneously in various cities across the nation. The protests were largely a product of grassroots organizing on the Internet. 11.15.08 12:03 pmRead More

CNN Newsroom: Nationwide Rallies About Passage of Prop. 8

Bi-coastal coverage of the nationwide day of protest against Prop. 8, featuring footage from California and New York, where the rallies were "loud, big and very peaceful." 11.15.08 04:14 pmRead More
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