Posts by Justin Cole, GLAAD's Director of Digital Media

FOX-11 (Los Angeles): Local News - Prop. 8 Preview

From the site of No on 8’s election-night event, Fox-11 interviews Lorri L. Jean of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center.Read More

NBC 4 (Los Angeles): Local News - Calif. Turnout: Low Orange County, High Minority

California voter turnout appears to be low in conservative Orange County but turnout is high for minorities and young people; the Yes on 8 campaign hopes that the minority turnout will help pass Prop. 8. (WITH VIDEO)Read More

Fox News: California Ballot Initiatives

Tonight, Fox News correspondent Anita Vogel reports from Los Angeles on what she calls the “most contentious” ballot initiatives Calif. voters are weighing in on at the polls tonight, focusing on Prop. 8 in particular.Read More

Election Coverage Recap: Ann Coulter and the “F-word”

As we get closer to November 4, we here at glaadBLOG thought it would be appropriate to take a stroll down memory lane - reviewing and analyzing how the media have handled LGBT issues and covered supporters of pro-LGBT policies and how they have repoRead More

On CNN - Hilary Rosen Discusses Proposition 8 in California

Today on CNN’s The Situation Room, host Wolf Blitzer discussed California’s Proposition 8 with contributors Hilary Rosen and Alex Castellanos.   Read More
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