Justin Tranter and the Transgender Chorus of LA call for more LGBTQ visibility in the music business in a powerful new film for Trans Awareness Week

Pop-songwriting powerhouse Justin Tranter released a powerful new short film to highlight the meaning of the close relationship between music and the LGBTQ community. The video, released by GLAAD as part of Transgender Awareness Week, gives an extended look into how music can be especially powerful for trans people, who too often do not see themselves reflected in the media. “If we don’t support the LGBTQ youth, if we don’t make them feel safe, we aren’t going to get all of this beautiful music…we can’t lose those to come,” he warns.

Tranter, who has penned hits for Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Kesha, Justin Bieber and many more called on some of his famous pals to help him explain how music can serve a beacon of hope for queer people.  “Music saved my life,” said country songwriter Shane McAnally who struggled with his sexuality for years before coming out. 

“Growing up queer has allowed me to not put boundaries on art, or colors, or life or anything,” RuPaul reveals, who has been making music for nearly 25 years.

Also captured in the emotional piece, which was directed by Steve Pyne and Mia Roe, is a firsthand account from trans people who explain how music helped them on their journey to self-acceptance.  The piece takes us inside teaching walls of the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles where the members feel safe and inspired.  “Finding music did help me with my soul after being bullied for so many years,” one member reflected.

Tranter, who also serves on GLAAD’s Board of Directors, says ultimately it was important to make this project because, “…there are more Elton [Johns], there are more Freddie [Mercuries], and there are more Melissa [Etheridges]…” out there that need to be discovered.

Justin Tranter performs with Courntey Love at Tranter's 'Believer' concert in support of GLAAD's Spirit Day, which stands with LGBTQ youth against bullying.

For more on the Trans Chorus of LA, the Medals Project 'For God and Country', planned on January 20, the anniversary of the inauguration with images of ribbons and medals of Trans soldiers and vets telling their stories with the Trans Chorus of LA performing the best of Americana at St John's Cathedral.