Judge FRC's president not by his radio show caller, but by the way he responds to him

Hector says we need to arrest both "Muslim mob boss" President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.

Hector happens to be a caller into the radio program of Family Research Council President Tony Perkins - a man the media frequently puts forth as a voice of "balance" on LGBT issues, only sometimes providing audiences with context of where, exactly, he is coming from. And where is he coming from? Let's let Hector try to explain, and see what Tony does.  

Hector says folks on his side need to "physically threaten or threaten people with their very lives" in order to get some action.  But Hector's not done. He moves on to saying homosexuality is like a "disease" and "pandemic," and that we need "catch these gays" and recriminalize them.

Now, when faced with a caller who is spouting such abject hostility and literally advocating for death threats, a responsible host would work to lower the temperature.  In fact, many hosts would welcome the opportunity to distance their rhetoric from the way their caller wants to put that rhetoric into action.  It would be a good opportunity for the host to ensure that his or her words do not lead to unitended consquences.

But as for Family Research Council president Tony Perkins? He doesn't offer one solitary word of repudiation!  Instead, he proceeded to call the old laws that criminalized being gay a "moral standard" and bemoaned the fact that striking down these laws as unconstitutional (constitution schmonstitution!) has helped advance marriage equality.  And then, when it comes to arresting folks like Eric Holder, Tony seems almost giddy about the idea.  He pretty much presents, as fact, the unsupportable idea that the Obama administration has engaged in "criminal behavior," and he suggests that it would be a "moral failure" to not move forward with action against them.  Again, Tony never says one negative word about his caller's shocking comments.

Hector has just advocated at least threatening violence against government officials, and he called my family a disease and part of a "pandemic."  And Tony Perkins, who is on mainstream television all the time, just basically gave him a high-five and sent him on his merry way.

Take a listen to the four-minute exchange:     

[SOURCE: Washington Watch w/ Tony Perkins; 6/5/13]

Irresponsible, at best - but very telling.