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Roman Catholic hierarchy affirms lack of understanding and acceptance of LGBT people

The 75-page document is based on the results of a survey sent to over a hundred bishops' conferences around the world. The survey, which revealed the huge gap between the personal views of lay Catholics and official church teachings, reaped much hope of potentially fostering a change in Roman Catholic teachings on LGBT people. Instead, however, the document affirmed the Church's continued opposition.Read More

PBS to stream #GLAADAwards nominee 'The Welcoming Movement' followed by online discussion

This June 26, there will be a special opportunity to join an online screening of The Welcoming Movement along with an online discussion at the conclusion of the program.Read More

VIDEO: In historic moment, transgender priest becomes first to preach at the National Cathedral

Rev. Dr. Cameron Partridge made history and became the first openly transgender priest to preach at Washington National Cathedral.Read More

Mormon Church officials increasingly threaten members for supporting LGBT community online

A recent trend of Mormon Church members receiving threats of losing permission to enter a member's temple or even excommunication because of the opinions they expressed online.Read More

Faith leaders are urged to break the silence on bisexuality, build inclusivity

This Wednesday, the Religious Institute is releasing a groundbreaking guidebook for faith leaders on welcoming bisexual people into religious congregations. Faith leaders and press are invited to join a press conference call for the book's release, tomorrow June 25 at 10:30 AM Eastern Standard Time. Read More

A Reflection on the 2014 Philly Trans Health Conference

Every year in Philadelphia there's a free three-day conference solely devoted to trans health and well-being. GLAAD's Faith Issues Intern, Jay Pulitano, went last week. The following is a reflection of his experience.Read More

Transgender Religious Naming Ceremonies

Changing one's name can be one of the most meaningful steps for a trans or gender nonconforming person in expressing and validating who they are. Religious congregations and individuals from around the country have recognized this and have developed naming ceremonies to honor what can be such an important milestone.Read More

Two Mormon activists are threatened with ex-communication for being pro-LGBT and -women's rights

Two prominent Mormon activists, John Dehlin and Kate Kelly, have been threatened with excommunication for their social justice work advocating equality for women and the LGBT community within the Mormon Church. Read More
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