Join LGBT Nigerian leaders in a Twitter chat about #LGBngPolls

This week, NOI Polls, in partnership with Bisi Alimi Foundation and The Initiative for Equal Rights in Nigeria, released polling data about Nigerians’ awareness, perception, and levels of acceptance of the LGBT community in the country.

To dive deeper into the polling numbers, the three organizations are holding a Twitter chat this Saturday, July 4 at 5:00 PM Lagos time (noon for ET and 9 a.m. for PT). Tweet questions or comments to #LGBngPolls to find out what it's like to be LGBT in Nigeria, what the polling numbers mean, or what the future is for LGBT people in Nigeria.

One of the people you can chat with on the Twitter chat is Bisi Alimi of the Bisi Alimi Foundation. GLAAD was able to talk to him about what the polling numbers mean to him.

Read the Executive Summary of the Nigeria Acceptance Report here.