Join GLAAD and Google+ for hangouts on marriage equality

Next week, the Supreme Court will hear cases that could have major implications in the march toward marriage equality for lesbian and gay couples in the United States. In preparation, GLAAD is partnering with Google+ and the Pride Plus community to host a series of hangouts to provide more information and to give LGBT advocates and couples the chance to share their stories.

Join GLAAD tomorrow for the first hangout—Why 'Marriage' Matters—to address the reasons why civil unions are not enough for the LGBT community. GLAAD's Director of News and Faith Initiatives, Ross Murray, will be a part of the conversation. Join us tomorrow, March 22 from 2-3 PM EST here, and make sure your voice is heard.

The second hangout—Real Couples, Real Stories—will feature gay and lesbian couples who want to marry in their home states, but are unable to. Also hear from couples who are legally married, but whose marriages are not recognized by the federal government. This hangout uses your stories to show how deep of an impact marriage laws have on family. Real Couples, Real Stories will take place on Monday, March 25—the day before the hearings—from 3-4 PM EST. The link to that hangout can be found here.

The third hangout—If we win? If we lose?—will occur after the hearings before the Supreme Court and looks to the future. How do we continue to fight for equality when all seems lost? What sorts of struggles are we in for if Prop 8 and DoMA are ruled unconstitutional? Win or lose, there's much to prepare for.

Join GLAAD and Google+ for each of the hangouts and share the invitation with friends and family members who might benefit from hearing the stories of LGBT people. For more information about next week's Supreme Court cases, and for ways you can get involved, visit