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Why we need to keep the "I" a part of the LGBTQIA conversation in politics

As LGBTQIA issues become a part of the national human rights conversation in the 2020 election, we cannot continue to allow some of our most vulnerable communities to be invisible or unintentionally left out of these spaces.

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'Are You The One' Season 8 offers something groundbreaking through a familiar reality TV formula

I appreciate AYTO because it depicts the process of becoming increasingly comfortable and confident in yourself.

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How you can honor Intersex Awareness Day and fight back against the Trump Administration

As intersex people, our lives exist outside of binary gender... What the memo’s initiative asks—that we identify as male or female according to our birth genitalia—is literally impossible.

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What do Beyonce and I have in common? The answer: Big Freedia

In their letter to Big Freedia, GLAAD Campus Ambassador Jonathan Leggette talks about the power of Black, queer, and trans resilience and representation in music.

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Not invisible: Debunking 10 Intersex myths

The I in LGBTQIA should not stand for invisible. We debunked 10 myths to help make sure all intersex LGBTQ people feel seen and supported by our community.

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We need to talk about Intersex Awareness Day

GLAAD Campus Ambassador, Jonathan Leggette, discusses the urgency of intersex advocacy, representation in media, and how to take action for Intersex Awareness Day.

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