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How the Salem mayor is turning anti-LGBT calls into support for LGBT youth

Since the city of Salem, Massachusetts announced plans to terminate a contract with Gordon College, a Christian University with discriminatory policies toward LGBT students and faculty, the city's mayor has been receiving many phone calls from anti-LGBT individuals expressing their disagreement with Salem's recently adopted LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance. Read More

Teen girl shunned by parents finds financial support online

When 19 year old Kate Koenig's parents found out she was pansexual and cut off their financial support, Kate never gave up on her dream of going to the University of Pittsburgh, and with the help of hundreds of supporters it looks like Kate's dream will come true.Read More

New report explains barriers to economic equality for LGBT young people

The Center for American Progress has released a new comprehensive report on the experiences of LGBT young people in the workforce and how this group is at a severe disadvantage. Read More

VIDEO: Michael Sam accepts ESPY award with moving speech

Last night at the 2014 ESPYs presented by ESPN, Michael Sam accepted the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. Read More

Camp Abercorn web series spotlights room for improvement in Boy Scouts

A new fictional dramatic web series called "Camp Abercorn," currently in the works, will shine a light on the experience of being part of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), and reflect on the BSA's policies on LGBT inclusion. Read More

Chicago summit on LGBT youth homelessness calls for action

A recently released report shows the severity of LGBT youth homelessness in Chicago and strategizes about what can be done about it.Read More

Lesbian student expelled from university after marrying girlfriend

Christian Minard, a 22 year old college student just one semester shy of graduating Southwestern Christian University, has been expelled from the school after marrying her girlfriend Kadyn Park in March.Read More

Promise Place School gives housing, education, and hope to homeless LGBT youth

The Foundation for International Justice, Inc is planning to open Promise Place School, a residential school for homeless LGBT youth in Massachusetts.Read More
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